Saturday, April 17, 2010

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PLUMBERS TORONTO - My #1 Secret for Finding Local Plumbers in Toronto Using 1 Simple Form to Reach Many Plumbers. It'll save you Time and $Money negotiating your next Plumbing Job!
… Here’s how

Trying to find Plumbers in Toronto can be frustrating and you probably go through the same process over and over again
when trying to find a local service provider; am I right?

First, you get out your old trusty Yellow Pages, scour through the 'Plumbers' section, and then you quickly dial the first “ATTRACTIVE PLUMBER” ad that catches your attention. A few things can happen during your Yellow Pages’ search:

1. No one answers, the phone rings out

2. The number is not in service :(

3. Your call goes to an automated service, you describe your Plumbing situation and leave a voice message

4. You get a ‘live’ person who answers the phone, however they are unable to start the job until the following Friday

5. You get a ‘live’ person who answers the phone, but their quote is beyond your budget

6. Once you get the person on the phone, you explain your Plumbing problem; they quote you or schedule the job at a later stage; but you are still shopping around, therefore you tell them, “I’ll call you back”

7. You then call the next big Plumber ad in the Yellow Pages.

8. Rinse & Repeat until you are happy that you got 3 – 5 competitive Plumbing quote.

So, just how long did the above take to contact ~ 5 Plumbers?  ½ hour, probably 1 hour depending on the work needed?  How often did you ‘repeat’ your Plumbing service required? 5 times … YES!!

Well, let’s say you’re quite savvy on the computer and you’re well versed with Google, after all, everyone says, “Just Google it” … so you go to Google and search for “Plumbers in Toronto” and you get 259,000 listing. WOW! You’re one happy camper.  Well, now you have to go through the following:

1. You click the 1st website in the organic listing

2. Your eyes riveting to find the ‘CONTACT US’ link

3. There is NO phone number, only a contact us form – you fill in their contact form and wait patiently

4. Finally!, you find a phone # and you dial the company

5. Now you have to repeat the above Yellow Pages’ experience from this point forward about your Plumbing requirements.

I must say I have gone through such experiences more times than I can count! One day I thought to myself, “There’s gotta be an easier method in searching, finding and contacting local service providers and in my case, a Plumber. Using the Yellow Pages and even Googling what you are looking for can be very time consuming.

Well, now a better option has been made available to you…

I recently stumbled upon a website called PinBud,
and they make it super fast and easy to find and research local businesses and to contact them using ONE request form! That’s right, ONE CONTACT form! You can now select all the Plumbers you wish to request a quote from and hit the SEND button and this process is done only ONCE!!!

1. You select all the Plumber or service provider to quote on your job

2. You write your problem and requirements ONCE on the form

3. You click SEND and wait for their replies to come in your INBOX or for your phone to ring.


Within a couple of minutes you can send your requests to multiple local Plumbers! You save time and you get several competitive quotes so you can save money. When your Plumbing job is completed, you can rate the Plumber which will help other buyers in their search for a Plumber. After all, word of mouth is still probably the most important aspect in advertising.

It becomes a win-win situation where you are happy, the Plumber is happy, and your plumbing is fixed! :)

To experience the ONE-CONTACT FORM TO REACH MANY PLUMBERS OR LOCAL SERVICE PROVIDERS – visit . In addition, at the moment businesses can get a six (6) months FREE local business listing.

Now, being a ‘bargain hunter’ and realizing the power of having my company listed on many popular search sites, I must say it’s quite a deal, but hey, don’t take my word for it – check out for yourself!