Friday, August 17, 2007

What Can LEXXtech Do For You?

After testing blogs in more than one way, I am convinced of their successes. So I will continue with this blog I have started. This time I want to share some more information about my company and take advantage of the benefits of doing so through a blog. So for those interested in optimizing their websites in more than one way, read on…

Drum roll please…

Let’s start with this: Just like with a book, it’s not enough just to write it. Nor is it enough just to publish it. You have to market it to get it to sell. You have to let people know it exists and is available. The same goes for your website.

If you don’t have the right internet marketing solution, you are losing out on the most valuable and easily accessible market there is – web searchers. That’s where we come in. We are a Toronto SEO Internet Marketing Company that specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Internet Marketing, SEO-Friendly Copywriting, Web Design, Web Hosting, Web Marketing, Web Programming, and Social Media Marketing.

You could have the most STUNNING website with the best products and services, but if it cannot be found, it’s FUTILE and does not serve your company well. You have to optimize your site for the search engines to find. Once they’ve found you, they can place you so that the web searchers can find your website as well.

There are several collective efforts that must take place in order to get your site pulling to the top of the search engine lists. With 85% of all searchers finding products, services and information from their favorite search engine, you want in on that action! You want your site to pull to the tops of those lists.

LEXXtech can help you:

1) Design a site (or update an existing one) that draws searchers in and solicits a call to action through persuasive SEO-friendly copywriting and professional web design that implements appeal to sight and sound through design and social media marketing, while creating a user-friendly, easy to navigate environment.

2) Search Engine Optimize your site through keyword research & analysis that allow for effective creation of META tags and site content, custom-made backlink campaign, and use of social media marketing (the “here-and-now” and “to-come” of SEO).

3) Research your current marketing endeavors as well as your competition to see what needs to be tweaked, added to, or is working just fine, including any print media marketing currently being used, such as brochures or direct mails.

As you can see LEXXtech is a full-service digital marketing and print media marketing company. We keep up with the latest trends and just like you, we like to stay a step above our competition. Because we know how important that is, we make sure we keep our clients a step above their competitors as well.

We look forward to meeting with you and creating a successful marketing portfolio together. Please visit us at

Next blog, I will share some of our successes with you. Stay tuned!