Monday, November 12, 2007

Google Site Maps…A Great Direction for Your Website.

Any time you place (a correctly designed) site map on your website, you are benefiting the SEO on the site because the site map ensures all pages are found. So what is the benefit of having a Google-friendly Site Map on your website? Well, there’s more than one benefit actually:

1. It lets you know how Google views your site. We are all at the mercy of Google, so anytime you have a peek into the Google mindset, take it!

2. No more guessing! Webmasters used to have to guess as to how to cater their site map. But with the addition of a few new tools in early 2006, the Google site map program is pretty established.

3. When running the program, you will be told if any pages are not indexing properly, have broken links, are being blocked, etc. Then, guess what? You can fix them and get them indexed.

4. You will get two side-by-side comparison lists to see what Google thinks your site is about based on your content. If you see your message is not getting through to Google, then you can not only update your content, you’ll know how to update it for Google.

5. It allows you to tell Google when something on your site is new and/or has changed.
There are several benefits to having a Google Site Map placed on your website and they are all positive. But to sum it up, it is a way to get your info to Google properly by also receiving info back from Google when you’re not doing that effectively. Don’t just Waltz with Google, do the Tango!

To create a Google Site Map, go to , create an account and then get going on your site map. Or you can go directly to , which is also Yahoo-friendly. Can’t beat that!

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